Message Master

Message Master

SMS messaging and GPRS access to databases

Experience the freedom to go wherever you like and still stay put. The brand-new message master™ Mobile Client offers all of it, convenient SMS messaging and cost-efficient mobile information access - no matter where you are.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive SMS messaging with an intuitive user interface
  • SMS messaging uses Outlook contacts for addressing
  • Mobile phonebook management with Pocket Outlook contacts
  • SMS weather information
  • Dialling of phone numbers from contacts
  • Mobile e-mail via SMS
  • Highly cost-efficient GPRS data access
  • Real-time field services
  • Download of GPRS applications
  • Sample news ticker via GPRS
  • SMS and phonebook management

Finally, sending and receiving of SMS messages gets easy. Create SMS messages on your Pocket PC and use your Outlook contacts for addressing your messages. Received SMS can be stored and managed easily. Working with templates makes SMS messaging even more convenient. And not to forget - message master™ lets you manage your mobile's address book through your Pocket PC.

Utilizing SMS message master™ also provides a convenient and cost-transparent way to send e-mails at any time and any place without need to dial into the Internet or your corporate access point.

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Message Master


Message Master

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